Introducing 'RELACION CONSCIENTE', a remarkable product from the 'bosques' category that immerses you in a harmonious and mindful relationship with the enchanting forest. This product is not just a tangible item, but an interactive experience focussed on heightening your senses to the immaculate beauty of the woods. By utilizing this product, you receive a chance to appreciate the diversity of fauna, the opulence of flora, and the serene symphony of the forest - all from the comfort of your home. Each feature of 'RELACION CONSCIENTE' is designed to help you recognise the crucial role forests play in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem, consequently promoting environmental consciousness. Along with a comprehensive guide about various aspects of the forest, this product also comes with an assortment of forest-related activities to engage you and heighten your understanding. 'RELACION CONSCIENTE' makes an ideal gift for anyone eager to grasp the importance of nature while promoting the idea of living in consonance with the environment.

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SIZE 120 X 150 X 6 CMS