Enlighten your understanding of nature's magnificence with AL OTRO LADO DE LA LUNA, an ethereal voyage in the realms of the forest biodiversity. This product, embedded under the captivating category of 'bosques', paints a mesmerizingly rich picture of the forest and the diverse ecosystems it hosts. Explanation extends beyond the ordinary, diving deep into the uncharted territories of lunar influence on our mesmerizing forest landscapes. Experience the lush and verdant resplendence, the enchanting nocturnal creatures that thrive in the moonlight, all meticulously documented with splendid photographs and enlightening narratives. You'll find yourself immersed in the bewitching moonlit forests, capturing the inherent beauty of a world not often seen, vivid and vibrant under the lunar glow. AL OTRO LADO DE LA LUNA is perfect for nature enthusiasts who yearn for the freshness of the wild and the enthralling charm of enigmatic lunar landscapes.

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SIZE 200 X 120 X 6 CMS