“In my creative loneliness, I hear the deepest of myself”

Painter and sculptor

From a family of aviators, I was born to be an artist. I flew, thanks to my ancestral blood, towards light and color: My atmosphere, trapped forever in it. So, I continued flying in the magic of color, chemistry, geometry, my passions mixed with the intensity of my creative imagination. With chemistry I get to manufacture the paint with which I paint today; with geometry and metallurgy I discover my sculptural world in the deepest part of my being, and thus my journey will continue forever.
Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1950,

Alvaro Daza study 2 years of Mechanical Engineering from Los Andes University in Bogota.
From 1975 to 1978 he studied painting techniques with Master Mary Sleguel. 1987-1993: Techniques. Formulas, The Beginning of the painting and Ancient Techniques. 1990: Style and original techniques, unique and unrepeatable.
Daza has participated in more than 100 international solo and group exhibitions, biennales, art fairs, auctions, and competitions. His work has received international print, television, and radio coverage as well as several catalogues and books.

2021 Exhibition & Representation, Artitude Art Gallery Singapore 
2020 The 10th international Exhibition of traditional Fine Art, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai . China
2019 Art Gallery Alvaro Daza en Caracol Púrpura, Cdmx, México
2019 Círculo Azul Gallery, Coyoacán, México
2018 Mi Mundo de Color, CDMX National Lottery of Mexico, Mexico City
2018 Por Amor al Arte, Galería Turquesa, Cancún, México
2016 Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art, China Art Museum, Shanghai,
2016 Magic and Reality. Millennium Monumental Gallery, Beijing, Chinese Government invitation
2015 Red Dot Art Fair, Victoria Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida
2015 ARTMED 2015 (International Art Fair), Medellín, Colombia
2015 X Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2015 18th Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, China
2014 ARTMED 2014, Medellín, Colombia
2014 Eroticism, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014 ICS 6th Annual Charity Auction, Shanghai Silport Golf Club, China
2013 Viarte 2013 International Exhibition, Medellín, Colombia
2013 Exhibition, Rainbow Art Gallery, Shanghai China
2012 17th Guangzhou International Art Fair, Guangzhou, China
2012 Shanghai Art Fair 2012, Shanghai, China
2011 Canton International Art and Collection Fair, Guangzhou, China
2011 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2011 Art Shanghai 2011, Shanghai, China
2010 FIARTE 1st International Art Exhibition, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2010 Satellite Art Show, Miami, Florida
2009 Libro International Contemporary Artists vol No1
2009 Satellite Art Show, Miami, Florida
2009 Concurso Escultura Hito Bicentenario, Antofagasta, Chile
2009 Museo El Castillo, Medellín, Colombia
2007 Neomundo Convention Centre, Bucaramanga, Colombia
2007 Galería Distrital, Barranquilla, Colombia
2006 Galería Emerald Art, Cartagena, Colombia
2004 Free Art, Galveston, Texas
2005 Galería de Arte Claustro, Santo Domingo Embajada de España
Cartagena, Colombia
2006 Galería Emerald Art, Cartagena, Colombia
2003 Radisson Art Gallery, Panama City, Panama
2002 Night Live Gallery, Saint Thomas, USA
2002 Gallery La Scala, San Diego, California
2002 Gallery Brickell Square, Miami, Florida
2001 Estudio Abierto, Cartagena, Colombia
2001 Tensho Gallery, Vancouver, Canada to 2005
2000 Gallery Schwartz and Martínez, Coral Gables, Florida
2000 Gallery Galaxy D´art, Manhattan, New York
2000 Solo Show Hotel Santa Clara, Cartagena, Colombia
1999 Show Centro Andino Paseo de la Cultura Esculturas Bogota, Colombia
1998 Solo show Alcaldía de Medellín Exposición Medellin, Colombia
1998 Solo show Pintura o escultura Galería VIP Aeropuerto, Cartagena, Colombia to 2001
1997 Galería Enrique Navas, Bogota, Colombia
1994 Galería Fundación Banco del Estado, Popayán, Colombia
1992 Galería FENALCO, Bogotá, Colombia
1991 Galería 11, Alicante, Spain
1989 Galería Carrión Vivar, Bogota. Colombia
1985 Galería Eventos Especiales, Bogota, Colombia