Short critique on Alvaro Daza’s art works
Alvaro Daza’s paintings left profound impression on me when I first discovered them at a Latin American art exhibition in Beijing, where his works were undoubtedly the most remarkable exponents in the art gallery. However it is not easy to point out my favorite one; each of the paintings has a magnifying effect on my eye, my mind and soul.
The series of forest are big horizontal canvases that portray a forest divided in two visual symmetrical parts by a path, which is the only hint of human being existence in the composition. The paintings draw impression of something in-between reality and fairy tale or even a Paradise, a different reality that is so near and yet so far away. The Forest appears in different time of the day and in various tempers. The Forest is the inner world of the artist, the master, the wise man who had perceived the true harmony and reflected it on his canvases. The massive dimensions of these paintings, forest panoramas, if I may say so, endow us with opportunity to penetrate it, allow us to immerse with it and become a part of its spirit, of its absolute Harmony. “Nudity” of these virgin forests takes us back to our origins, to Mother Nature, which makes it hard to forsake Daza’s world, thus the Forest stays in our hearts forever.
Series of colorful abstract paintings enchant me with its inner motion, signature light, combination of straight and curvy lines and forms. Unlike many other contemporary artists’ works, Daza’s combination of straight and curvy strokes and shapes do not create a conflict, resistance or dichotomy, rather it unites both in peace and coherence. It’s a play of colors, lights and geometry… it’s a pure balance of symmetry and asymmetry. Vibrant curvy brushstrokes on a painting like «Dancing Under» remind me of ripples on a lake, which connect it to the nature and the Universe, two important topics in Daza’s works.
Daza painter and Daza sculptor is one Daza, because he pursues the same aspirations doing both: harmony, balance, positive energy, idyll and universe. He brings light to the world and let people enjoy it with him. He draws Life, thus his art is philosophy. His language is universal, therefore people from everywhere can understand it only if they use their hearts. 
art critic
St. Petersburg, Rusia