Colombian artist was born in 1950.
An artist of his time, earning great recognition local and internationally, not only for his work , but also because he is his greatest promoter, generating an unmistakable style that allows anyone who sees his work to assert that the magic inventions are no one else´s but Daza’s master pieces.
His work are explosions of color that seems to emerge from magic landscape that he also paints, colors that grow and mature like his trees, which hide beneath their bushes abstracts and sculptures , the fruits of a masterly expressionism.
Daza works in mixed-media, landscape, modern, painting, abstract, and sculpture.

“In my creative loneliness, I hear the deepest of myself”
1950: Bogotá, Colombia.
1970: Engineering, Los Andes University
1975-1978: Painting techniques with the Master Mary Sleguel.
1987-1993: Techniques. Formulas, The Beginning of the painting and Ancient Techniques.
1990: Style and original techniques, unique and unrepeatable.
His work invites the imagination and it is a relief to the eye of the beholder.
Whoever carefully examines a painting or one of his sculptures, experience the embrace of the Caribbean; breathe the cold of the winter or yearn the distant, enigmatic and amazing Asia.
 His nature has more colors than the real one, therefore becomes more enchanting and his abstract work and sculptures, has the flavor of perfection, since the balance frequents all the spaces. The real ones and the imagined.
Adventurous by nature, globetrotter, impenitent traveler.
Neighbor of thousands streets, possessor of power of another World, who carefully navigates among us.
Possesses an internal agility to receive knowledge. Researcher and lover of chemistry. With more than 100 exhibitions all over the world he had participated in many internationals art fairs in different parts of the planet: Europe North and South America with very good acceptance and now with emphasis in Asia.
He is a dedicated artist that leaves in each one of his beautiful arts, a piece of his soul, therefore that all of them look like illuminated for a superior being.
The creativity of the master Daza is overwhelming, prolific and tireless.
He does not get tired astonishing us.
The colors will never know for sure where they are going to be when this artist uses them and neither the canvas that he carefully prepare, will imagine what kind of verso this poet will write on them, but the truth of the matter is that the results are and will be, the most splendid artworks that will illuminate the places that will protect them forever.
Hopefully God will confabulate with its ETERNAL protection.